Veterinarians are highly trained in pharmaceutical indications/ contraindications and should serve as your best resource for this advice. There are some ‘over the counter’ medications for human use that can cause serious illness or death of a pet. Under no circumstances should you ‘self- medicate’ your pet with left over human prescriptions. If your pet requires medication, it is most important that you follow the prescription instructions carefully. If there is any doubt please speak to us regarding clarification.

As part of our Regulations detailed by Provincial Legislature known as the Veterinarian’s Act, which governs the activites of veterinarians, we may prescribe and dispense medications for the treatment of our veterinary patients. Our pharmacy contains a wide variety of common medications and products including antibiotics, deworming agents, antiparasitic drugs, heartworm preventitives, anti-inflammatory drugs, dermatological preparations etc. Whenever necessary we can also write a prescription for less commonly used drugs that are available from a human pharmacy. In fact, our license permits us to script virtually any prescription drug available in a human pharmacy. Furthermore, special compounding pharmacies can customize an individual prescription for a specific and unique purpose that cannot otherwise be met through normal sources.