Pet Selection and Behaviour Consultation

Pet Selection:

Choosing a pet to add to your family is an important long term decision. Everyone has different expectations, different lifestyles and different levels of experience with owning a pet. We can offer helpful advice to narrow your choice and find the right type of pet to suit you before your purchase is made. We are always available to help guide you to resources and answer your questions, based on our experience. We also recommend that you bring all new pets for an exam within one to two days of bringing them home.

Behaviour Counseling:

Our goal is to try and catch problems early. We work on prevention strategies for all pets at the first few puppy/kitten visits as well as during annual exams if necessary. We want the experience of living with an animal to be pleasant and rewarding for both the pet and the owner. Many times, simple changes in training practices can make large improvements in behaviour. We work with you to achieve the desired outcome.

Extended appointments are offered specifically for behavioral concerns. We cover many areas including:

  • Elimination and house soiling problems
  • Aggression in various forms
  • Destructiveness
  • Aging and cognitive changes
  • Neuroses or emotional reactions including:
    digging, phobias and fears,
    barking, separation anxiety. obsessive
    compulsive disorders etc.

We use a combination of training, behaviour modifying techniques, and medication if necessary to manage specific problems. When necessary, a referral to an animal behavioral specialist can be offered.