Dealing with the clas­si­cal red eye” may be more than a routine eye infec­tion or conjunc­tivi­tis. In fact, there are a group of eye disor­ders that we consider to be urgent or emer­gency in nature and the ability to prop­erly treat these cases requires accu­rate measure­ment of the inter­nal eye pres­sure (IOP or inter­nal ocular pres­sure). This is a quick and accu­rate method to measure inter­nal eye pres­sure and differ­en­ti­ate between those disor­ders than cause low pres­sure (e.g. uveitis – of which some progress to glau­coma) and those than cause high pres­sure (e.g. glau­coma). It is routinely performed in the exam­i­na­tion room with the owner present and is well toler­ated by most dogs and cats. We do this by initially freez­ing” the cornea or eyeball surface with special drops. We then gently tap” the surface of the eye with a state-of-the-art hand-held Rebound Tonome­ter calcu­lates the inter­nal eye pres­sure. This proce­dure is used as a screen­ing test for glau­coma, as a diag­nos­tic test for suspected glau­coma, and as a moni­tor­ing proce­dure to judge our glau­coma therapy. It is a quick and pain­less proce­dure that is extremely accu­rate espe­cially when compared to previous techniques.

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