We are often asked what is the best food for their pet. Unfortunately there is no one brand or diet that is best for all pets- dogs, cats etc. The best food for your pet takes into consideration age, breed, level of activity, environment or housing, genetic profile, concurrent medications and any underlying disease process. As veterinary providers, we feel we are in the best position to make appropriate dietary recommendations. Accordingly we stock an extremely wide variety of therapeutic and prescription diets.

The daily nutrition of an animal is vital to their overall health and well-being. A good quality diet can help prevent or reduce long term health problems. Many medical concerns can be diet related including obesity, poor growth, poor skin and coat, and proper digestion. Diet is included when recommending a complete treatment plan for an individual.

The enormity of the variety of pet foods available can be overwhelming to an owner. Pet food packaging does not give enough information on its own to make a good choice. You will find many sources of conflicting advice with respect to pet foods. We attempt to give advice for feeding your pet on an individual basis based on age, breed, lifestyle, and health status. We have specific foods for puppies and kittens, adult pets, senior pets and those that need help with weight loss. There are diets specifically to help reduce hairballs and also to help maintain dental health.

A wide selection of excellent maintenance foods and specific prescriptions diets are kept in stock We are happy to assist you with your choice at any time, keeping the best interest of your pet in mind.