As diagnosticians, we rely on various laboratory tests to achieve a diagnosis. Also certain diseases require routine laboratory tests in order to monitor and adjust our therapies. For example diabetic pets require blood glucose monitoring and other tests to maintain their stability; dogs on anticonvulsant therapy need blood tests routinely to fine tune their potent drugs to achieve effect without toxicity.

Accordingly we perform a variety of tests on and off site. On site tests include fecal ova/parasite checks, occult blood, complete urinalysis, skin scrapings, cytology, and peripheral blood smears etc.

Our external laboratory is a fully accredited facility that provides us with a pick up courier service twice a day Monday through Friday and once every Saturday morning. Turn around time for most tests is the same day or next morning. The results are automatically faxed to us so that we have a written document in hand. Tests range from biochemical profiles to more sophisticated DNA profiles to full histopathological services, microbiology and serological antibody titers. We speak to their clinical pathologists on a regular basis to clarify and questions we may have about correct interpretation.

We are extremely comfortable with the quality control mechanisms built into the system that we use the same laboratory for own pets.