Even with decades of experience as practicing veterinarians, this topic never gets easy. However, it is our obligation and duty to raise this topic whenever we feel a pet is dying of a terminal disease or situation that will only prolong pain and suffering with no chance of a favourable outcome. This requires us to read a client’s strain and emotions – and if necessary, instruct them when the time is right. Certainly making a hasty or poorly thought out decision is not right. Equally incorrect would be prolonged indecisiveness to hang on too long. Both ends of the decision making process may prolong the grieving process. Therefore we strive to seek a balance between our emotional and realistic hearts. Done properly with true compassion and sensitivity and timing, we can assist you and your family through a truly grievous time. The loss of a pet and all the family links associated with this little member of your family is a most powerful strain on your emotions.

Should euthanasia be necessary, it is always best to have a supporting friend or family member present. One of the best ways to prepare you is to understand the procedural steps involved. Our staff is extremely sensitive to your needs and will outline the process. Unlike 20 years ago, most pet owners today are present throughout the procedure and achieve some relief knowing they were there to the end. We believe this demystifies the procedure and aids in the grieving process.