Dental and oral health is an impor­tant part of overall good health. The mouth and teeth are routinely exam­ined as part of a complete phys­i­cal exam here at BorderviewVet­eri­nary Hospi­tal. We offer guid­ance for daily oral care and preven­tion of dental disease through diet and hygiene. A special area of the hospi­tal is dedi­cated to perform­ing dental proce­dures with our patients under general anes­the­sia and they are moni­tored exactly the same as if they were under­go­ing a major surgery. This allows us to perform a detailed oral eval­u­a­tion. All teeth are x‑rayed using our dental x‑ray machine and digital proces­sor. All our dental x‑rays are viewed in HD! Routine dental clean­ing is performed for dogs and cats using an ultra­sonic scaler and hand instru­ments. The teeth are polished after­wards. Tooth extrac­tions and biop­sies are performed as required and pain manage­ment is a prior­ity. Dr McTag­gart has a special inter­est in veteri­nary dentistry. He has taken numer­ous courses in dental anatomy, pathol­ogy and surgery and strives to contin­u­ally improve the level of dental care he is able to offer to his patients!

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