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Piper & Pepper

Our names are Piper and Pepper we are Flemish Giants. We were born in April 2017 on a farm in Stevensville Ontario. We are sisters from the same litter. Mama tried to get our weight but, what lady wants there weight checked??? Mama guesses we are anywhere from 15 – 18 lbs. Our breed is the largest rabbit breed in the world with some males weigh­ing around 22lbs. Our new mama adopted us when we were just 12 weeks old. We were very nervous, not knowing where we were headed but, we weren’t in the car for long at all. Before we knew it we were in our new home. It was very big! It had 2 levels and we have a very own tiny porch and a small lawn. Since then, we have grown very quickly so our mama had to act very fast before winter came. She moved us into a bigger house that has a smaller insu­lated house attached to the side for us to go into if we get a little chilly. However, being sisters we’ve decided that its best for one of us to step up and say we are sleep­ing under­neath and on top of the house! Some­times we take turns who gets the top/​bottom. It is only fair. Our mother had also built a nice lean to off the side of our new home so that we would have plenty of room to roam on a dry area during the winter months. We love our new house!! Appar­ently there’s talk in the house that they will be moving us again, into a much larger house, and a lot more room so that we can hop, skip, and jump all over the place. Our brother Blue came and told us about it not too long ago. He says that we will love it, he over­heard mom telling dad about it, I’m not sure we are supposed to know so if ya’all can keep a little secret that would be great. We love to eat treats like carrots , run around in our back yard in the summer time, hit in mamas plants, dig them up a little bit too, you know, so the water can get to the plant faster. We both have tried explain­ing this to mother, but she just doesn’t under­stand. We couldn’t decide what photos to post, so we came up with this! Hope you like!

Piper & Pepper

Piper & Pepper

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