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Chan­ning was rescued from under the deck of a farm­house and aban­doned by his mother at a very early age. He was bottle fed and raised by a friend of the family and came to stay with the Martin family who fell in love with him and adopted him into our crew. His buff’ colour­ing led to the name Chan­ning, (obviously…eh Chan­ning Tatum fans?!?!) but he is more commonly known as Baby Cat” or Chan Man”. He has not adapted well to living inside and will escape at any oppor­tu­nity. He is a proud hunter and loves to bring his family lots of trea­sures! Chan­ning is a snug­gler and will often find a human to fall asleep on or beside. When he is not being rescued from a tree he climbed too high in, he can be found steal­ing puppy food from Fisher, or ambush­ing Woody with unwel­come wrestling holds.



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