The hospital has a total capacity for holding 34 animals – each individually caged and separated into 5 “wards”. The main kennel area consists of 2 wards of 17 and 11 cages respectively. The run area has 2 large pens most suitable for our largest animals. An isolation/quarantine room holds 3 patients and there is one recovery cage in our treatment room. To minimize visual fear or antagonism, no cage faces another. All cages (32) are made of seamless stainless steel to facilitate disinfection, individually insulated, and amply padded with blankets and/or towels for additional comfort and cleanliness.

All dogs are individually hand walked outdoors routinely for exercise and relief of bodily functions on our 0.8 acres hospital property. This aspect is monitored closely – it is easier to “stoop ‘n scoop” outdoors than to clean a soiled cage – and our dogs are happier too.