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And still calling all of them friends. Come in for a tour and see why 11 out of 10 pets recommend Borderview.

For After Hours emer­gen­cies, please contact the Niagara Veteri­nary Emer­gency Clinic at 905 – 641-3185.

During this diffi­cult time with COVID 19, we are open to provide regular appoint­ments as well as urgent care. We are working hard dispens­ing food & medica­tions to our pets. We take the safety of our patients and our staff seri­ously. Our primary goals are to continue provid­ing care to our patients to the best of our ability while keeping every­one safe. Currently, our doors are still locked to keep traffic in our waiting room to a minimum. Please call us when you arrive and our staff will escort you into the build­ing along with your pet(s). Masking is optional. Follow us on Face­book for updates on proce­dures. Stay safe!

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Dental and oral health is an impor­tant part of overall good health. A special area of the hospi­tal is dedi­cated to perform­ing dental proce­dures with our patients under general anes­the­sia and they are moni­tored exactly the same as if they were under­go­ing a major surgery.

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Dave the Dog

Featured Staff Pets

Dave the Dog

Dave is Dr McTaggart’s pure bred Stevensville farm dog”. Dave comes to work with his master most work days. But not Satur­days – that’s his sleep­ing in day. Although gener­ally sweet, Dave is a nervous dog, and tends to bark at anyone he doesn’t know. His job is to ensure that no strangers enter via the side door, that all lunches are fully eaten (or get eaten by him) and gener­ally super­vise the staff as they do their paper­work. Dave enjoys playing frisbee, fetch and chase the kids”. Dr McTaggart’s chil­dren aren’t too fond of that last game. His favorite time of year is Halloween – when he gets to dress up. In previ­ous years he’s been a pirate, surgeon, mounted knight and a super hero!

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