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For After Hours emer­gen­cies, please contact the Niagara Veteri­nary Emer­gency Clinic at 905 – 641-3185.

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Dental and oral health is an impor­tant part of overall good health. A special area of the hospi­tal is dedi­cated to perform­ing dental proce­dures with our patients under general anes­the­sia and they are moni­tored exactly the same as if they were under­go­ing a major surgery.

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Knight and Jasmine

Featured Staff Pets

Knight and Jasmine

Knight (left) and Jasmine (right) are siblings. They were adopted as young kittens by Dr McTaggart’s chil­dren and quickly took over. Things were rosy for a while, until Dave” the dog came along. Since then they have worked hard to ignore Dave and corner the market on the kids’ atten­tion. Knight is a big, black purring machine. He is friendly, loves snug­gles but still has trouble under­stand­ing that humans do not appre­ci­ate love nibbles”, which is why he usually finds himself locked out of the bedrooms at night. Jasmine is the brains of the duo. Although gener­ally aloof, she is very affec­tion­ate at meal time and makes sure she is snug­gled up to Dr McTaggart’s daugh­ter at bed time. She spends most of her day baking in the sun, groom­ing and debat­ing whether or not world domi­na­tion is worth the effort.

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